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Not only is this office beautiful, but Dr. Kim and staff are wonderful. They are very attentive, prompt, and most importantly gentle. Upon arrival I never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes, even if I've been 15 minutes early. I appreciate that my station was always prepared in anticipation of my arrival.
My visits felt more like a day at the spa than a dental appointment, including a long wisdom teeth removal surgery. I was allowed to bring in my phone and play Pandora on speaker during the whole procedure making feel at ease as I was extremely nervous.

Penelope W. - Yelp

Dr. Kim is an Oral Rock Star! By far the best dental experience ever!!!

First thing first...I got 3 text messages, one to confirm my appointment, one for a reminder & the last "we look forward to seeing you"...what a fantastic way to welcome a new patient.

Ms. Aurea is the jovial receptionist/front desk coordinator/insurance pre-cert & advisor all wrapped into one person. She is very friendly with ease & made me feel overly welcomed...in a good way of course. She had no problem answering all of my inquiries & did so with a flow of knowledge & awesome patient service.

The new patient process was a breeze & my wait time was really the shortest I've endured in a medical setting.

The procedure suites are very modernized & artistically designed to the T. The mini flat screens serves as a TV & a computer monitor where you can view your chart, x-Rays & treatment plans.

Christine was my x-Ray Technician & she came in, knew what she was doing & we were done. She has a very natural rapport with the patients & made my experience even better.

& drum roll please....ladies & gentlemen, here comes DR. KIM!!!

The most nicest, personable & authentic physician I have EVER encountered. He introduced himself & was very friendly as he took his time in engaging me & my dental needs & wants. Dr. Kim's expertise exuded such comfort & satisfaction, I was sooooo impressed. He did a pre-consultant before my exam & was very thorough about his findings. He even event over the treatment plan with me as most Dentists leaves that to the non clinical staff. Dr. Kim's approach & services was painless, quick & enjoyable...yes, we had a nice exchange before, during & after my services. Again, such a rarity of great customer service from a dental practice as most Dentists hurry to see all the patients & keep it moving...not Dr. Kim.

I came here as a default from a previous dental visit & can just pull my teeth out for not coming here 1st! As they say, second time around is always better than the 1st.

I look forward to my next visit...who says that about the Dentist? LOL!!!

Team Doc Kim & staff, you all are superstars!


Kathryn L. - Yelp

I found Dr. Kim online and chose him because he accepted my insurance had the appointment time I needed. I was pleasantly surprised at how great of an experience it was! The office is gorgeous and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I had a chipped tooth and Dr. Kim helped fix it right away and explained everything he was doing as it was happening. There was no wait time, but if there were to be it is a nice office to sit in with comfortable seating, nice decor, and small snacks and drinks available too! I definitely recommend!

Stephanie K. - ZocDoc

Customer service: Top notch. Front office staff, schedulers, hygienists, and Dr. Kim are all very professional, explain things thoroughly prior to any activity, and express genuine concern for the patient's well-being. We were given a detailed treatment plan that accurately estimated insurance coverage, and we were not pressured to buy unnecessary products. We were sent reminder texts about our appointments and immediately notified of schedule adjustments.
Facility: Comfortably open yet privacy is maintained. Comfortable waiting area with free parking and drinks. Modern decor and TVs in nearly every patient area.
Results: Work was done incrementally, requiring multiple visits, but it was done so to ensure best results. Dr. Kim thoroughly explained risks and benefits, and ensured patient comfort at every encounter.

Overall, I was very impressed and pleased with the service and results. I would recommend this practice to anyone. Make your appointment now. You will not be disappointed.

Paul G. - Yelp

Tried this place because they take my insurance and have good reviews. Definitely glad I did! Very nice office, and friendly staff. The dentist was very professional and didn't try to up sell unnecessary treatments or dental work. He said there were a few teeth he will watch but nothing to worry about just yet. Definitely earned my trust and I have found my new dentist:). A big relief since I moved here a year ago and hadn't found one I liked. Third time was a charm:)

Steph L. - Yelp

He is awesome...I have had two root canals, two crowns, cleaning, fillings and whitening....I put a lot of money and time into my smile and he has only improved it. AWESOME work with no pain. I get anxiety with dentist from a previous bad experience with another doctor but his office staff are friendly, the office is clean and pristine and he does a fantastic job tending to his patients and takes his time. My husband is now a regular patient too!

Ashley L. - ZocDoc

I have been going to Dr. Shin Kim for three years now. Besides routine exams and
cleaning he performed a root canal and a cap. I was so impressed with his work that
I brought my mother in to re-do on old ill fitting bridge. Dr. Kim was very patient
and kind, answered all her questions including multiple follow up call and
questions. She was thrilled with her new bridge which fits perfectly!

About Front Desk: The office is wonderful and the receptionists are extremely
patient, especially with my mother who is high maintenance. Dr. Kim has state of the
art equipment and we were surprised he had a CT scan in the office and could also
provide panoramic films, essential to moving forward with the implant surgery. Dr.
Kim does all his own work and is a specialist in dental implants and cosmetic
My husband then chose Dr. Kim (after interviewing several dentists) to do extensive
cosmetic dental work including porcelain veneers, crowns, partial bridge and two
implants. Dr. Kim consultation was lengthy and he understood that we were looking
for a detailed, multi stage plan to avoid costly or unnecessary work. His advice on
how to approach this work was invaluable and refreshing. He never tries to push
unnecessary work and always offers pros and cons to any procedure. The office
manager provided a treatment plan with cost break down according to our specific
insurance. My husband has almost completed a year long process and the difference is
so profound we are stunned on how good his smile looks!!!
I highly recommend Dr. Kim and his team not only for the artistry preformed, but
also for the wonderful staff, and cutting edge equipment he invests in.

Martin, A

Doctor Shin Kim has been our family dentist for many years.
We consider having him as our doctor as one of the best things that ever
happened to us. Over the years we have been recommending him to all of our
friends and family. Dr. Kim has qualities that are the most important for us
in a dentist. These qualities make him distinct from others, including those
who are considered very prominent dentists in the metropolitan area.

Dr. Kim:
-- has golden hands and the most gentle touch
-- is a very kind and compassionate person to his patients
-- offers his patients the most clean and sterile environment, where, if you
are obsessed with hygiene like me, you can just relax and not worry at all
-- will take care of the most complicated dental cases that only virtuosos
can handle, and to your surprise, will not send you to another specialist
like an orthodontist or surgeon. He possesses all of these skills!
-- will ensure your cosmetic needs; you will not believe your smile.

We were not able to find another doctor like this in our area, only him.
Therefore, it is our honor to share with all of you that he is our dentist
and he is the best.
He has done a lot of dental work for me, among which was a surgery. I left
with the prescription for a very strong pain killer that you are supposed to
take after the surgery. I could not believe it; I did not even need Tylenol.
It is all in Dr. Kim's hands. Thank you, doctor for everything.

Lowry Family

A mild dental emergency and a friend’s referral led us to the dental practice of Dr.
Shin Kim. Upon arrival, the medical emergency was assessed then addressed within
approximately thirty minutes! Nearly two years later, we continue to depend on the
efficient and meticulous dental services of Dr. Kim. While it is very important to
note that Dr. Kim provides exceptional services for the entire family – from dental
cleanings to implant surgery – it is vital to note that the services are provided
quickly and with great expertise! The pride with which Dr. Kim administers dental
services is evident as you watch him work! He provides consultation prior to and
following services – and he even keeps you abreast of what is taking place as the
dental services are being performed! He and his staff are always professional and
courteous, and the dental office is always inviting. Our family highly recommends
Dr. Kim!

Mapp Family

First, Dr. Kim is an individual who is intelligent out of the
ordinary; he is a capable, focused, and precise dentist. He takes care
in the matters of office business such that they run smoothly, and he
has an able and friendly staff.

Patricia C.

Very nice office- it's a new office, but interior
decoration is very nice and modern, equipments are state of the art
techonology, they offer water and other beverages.
I never thought about going in because it's right on Rockville pike, and
I was hoping to go somewhere in Bethesda, but after checking out from
other people's comments about this place, I've decided to give it a shot.

I really liked the doctor -the doctor speaks very softly, and not
intentionally but I think it's just the way he speaks. He was not crude or
cocky like other dentists, which I really liked.

They used to be across from Tilden middle school, if I remember correctly,
now moved out on Rockville Pike, and despite its location, the office is
actually quite nice.


Jiwon S.

i went to see Dr. Kim for the first time today. I
really really like him--and that's not something I think I've ever said
about a dentist.

The office is new and beautiful. Kim did the cleaning himself, instead of
letting a dental hygienist do it. That is unusual, in my experience. It
was about as painless as a cleaning can be.

Despite the fancy looking office, he is not at all a salesman. He
mentioned during the visit that I could benefit from an electric
toothbrush for various reasons. Although there was a display of brushes in
a corner of the office, neither he nor the staff made any mention of
buying one from them. I appreciate that.

I also had an initial consultation with him about Invisalign to correct a
few crooked teeth and his prices were definitely reasonable based on what
I've read.

My dental insurance covered everything I had done today--so I can't speak
to the rest of his prices.

It is a bit tricky to figure out where the parking is for the
building--give yourself some extra time to figure it out the first time
you go. I got a little turned around.

I was able to get an appointment within two days--for both this
appointment and the followup for Invisalign. His schedule seems pretty


Julie N.

Dr. Kim is wonderful. I have had just about every
tooth in my mouth worked on or replaced with an implant. He has done
fillings, root canals, crowns and implants within the past three years.
When I started going to Dr. Kim I was very nervous due to extensive amount
of work I needed to have done. I was concerned about the pain and the
length of time I would spend in the chair. Well, after almost three years
I am nearing the end of all of my major procedures and all I can say is
Dr. Kim has not only done a wonderful job but he has lessened my fear of
going to the dentist significantly. He's rates are affordable, the time
spent in the chair has been minimal and he is just a really nice,
professional dentist. Everyone who works in Dr. Kim's practice are
extremely professional and very attentive from the moment you walk in the
door until you leave. Considering the amount of time I have spent at Dr.
Kim's office, I can only say I would recommend him to my family and
friends and especially to those who may have a fear of the dentist.


Patricia O.

Dr. Kim is great! He is our family dentist (and
occasional oral surgeon) and he has an incredibly gentle touch. I don't
leave the chair bleeding or fearing another dentist visit, and he offers
tons of extra services at pretty affordable rates. Plus, he takes most
insurance -- I've never had an issue even though my family has switched
providers before while patients at his practice. I had to get my a crown
(which I purchased from my previous dentist) implanted, and it no longer
fit the space in my mouth where the previous dentist had based his mold.
Dr. Kim went out of his way to grind and shape the crown so that it fit
like a dream. If you need a dentist, he's the one to go to!


Kathy C.

I've been coming to Dr. Kim for the last 4 years and I am so grateful. The rates are affordable and the service is superb! I've switched insurance carriers and prayed I wouldn't have to leave North Bethesda Dental Design. Dr. Kim and his staff make you feel at ease and relaxed. I've had many different issues and I've never had to worry about what the end result would be. I've always had a fear of going to the dentist, but not since I've been coming to Dr. Kim! He is the best!!!!


Dr. Kim has been my dentist for almost ten years. He and his staff have greatly enhanced the appearance of my teeth and improved my oral health tremendously. I recommended him to my wife and my mom. They are now his dental patients too.

William B.

We were in search for a new family dentist and very grateful to be directed to Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim was highly recommended and my family agrees, especially our 4 year old son!


I love Dr. Kim and his staff!!!! I've been coming to him since 2007 and while I have moved, I have not switched Dentists; I refuse. Dr. Kim is experienced, professional and doesn't waste your time. He, along with his staff, are very personable and make you feel "at home," which is pretty good considering it is a dentists' office. I have had a lot of work done since I've been coming to him and it is because of him that I can smile and feel good about myself!


My family has two members who recently have completed implant procedure respectively by Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim is excellent and our experience with him was very positive. Before such procedures, as most people would do, we searched, studied, and weighed against pros and cons of implant. Our concerns of every side-effect or complication seemed unnecessary after the first day of the very first procedure in each case. Pain was mild and well tolerated, no complication and patients felt well. We very much appreciated his skillful and competent service. Besides, he is also a great family dentist. We would like to strongly and highly recommend him to our friends and colleagues.

Steve Y.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kim for three years now. I even used to work at a different dentist office for two years as a receptionist. I was hesitant to come to Dr. Kim's rather than drive extra 20 minutes and go to my previous dental office. Well, I went to Dr. Kim to try him out so that I can save a 20 minute drive. Working at a dental office before, I had high expectations, but Dr. Kim exceeded all of my expectations. Just recently I visited Dr. Kim to have my 4 wisdom teeth removed. After taking X-Ray, it turned out that I had extra wisdom teeths. There were even some that were not grown out yet. Dr. Kim was able to find them all and extract them. I was suprised because they were barely even visible on the x-ray but he took the extra 30 minutes to make sure that he gets them all out. I felt bad for the next patient, but it goes to show how much he cares for the well being of the patients. I highly recommend this place. As the other reviews said, this place looks a like 5 star hotel.

John L.

I no longer dread going to the dentist. Dr. Kim and his staff are amazing! Everyone who works there, from the front desk, to the assistant and Dr. Kim are all very personable and kind. They've made my experiences as pleasant as possible. I've had my teeth cleaned and four impacted wisdom teeth extracted. I think Dr. Kim did an excellent job with extracting my wisdoms because my chipmunk face only lasted about 3 days. Dr. Kim is very soft spoken and he doesn't pressure you into getting extra unnecessary work done. He simply says “We'll keep an eye on it for now”. Other than the superb service, I also love their clean and modern office.


I found this practice because they were covered under my insurance, and they've turned out to be great!! After going 2+ years without a teeth cleaning, the cleaning did feel a little rough with the ultrasonic/water instrument, but my teeth felt cleaner than ever! I also love that Dr Kim will explain to you exactly what he is doing, what he is seeing in your X-rays, and really walks you through the entire process so you feel like an educated participant.

Additionally, I've been having issues with sensitivity around the gums of a few of my teeth. When I had asked my old dentist about this, he immediately pulled out the card of his "affiliated" periodontist and a pamphlet on gum grafts. Yikes! Thankfully, Dr. Kim offered me the gum graft option or to put fillings over the sensitive areas (his recommended approach) to reduce sensitivity and protect my teeth from further damage -- and with a LOT less pain and costs than the gum grafting. I just had the procedure done, and Dr Kim was quick, gentle and my teeth look better than ever.

The appointment reminder emails & text messages are great, as is the spa-like office and flat screens at the patient chairs, but Dr Kim and his staff are the real reason I will continue coming here!

Lara H. - Yelp

After having a bad experience with my previous dentist and desperate in need for new dentist so I looked up on yelp and came across North Bethesda Dental Design. I was seen by Dr. Kim and his dental assistant, Wendy. Dr Kim very thorough with his explanations and gave me options with pros and cons. He's very gentle when conducting procedures and ensures that you are comfortable. And not to mention Wendy, his dental assistant, she is awesome. I have came in for few procedures. During one procedure I was really nervous, but Wendy calmed me down. She is really sweet. Anyway, this place deserves every star. All the staff were friendly and professional. Thank you for the exceptional service!!

Melti Y. - Yelp

I really appreciated being seen on time. I filled in the paperwork and was seen almost right away. Dr Kim had excellent beside manners and made me feel comfortable.

Nathalie P. - ZocDoc

Fantastic service even without an appointment, when I had an emergency. The doc really takes care of his patients, which I appreciate tremendously.

Leeza P. - Yelp

Have had much needed and intensive dental work done by Dr. Kim in the last couple of months and I have been very pleased,both with the care and attention of. Dr. Kim and his dental assistant Wendy. They are so great and attentive. They are both excellent with nervous patients such as myself, and I am very pleased with the results. Would highly recommend this practice !

Nora M. - Yelp

Phenomenal experience from start to finish! Parked my car for free, 15 feet from the garage back door entrance. Was greeted with smiles and nice reception and a hot green tea. Was given a tour of the practice where each room feels like it belonged in a four seasons hotel. Flat screen tv in each chair, state of the art equipment. Beautiful waiting room. Yes more flat screens. Had a fantastic hygienist, Yemmi, she literally explained every move into my mouth she was making, the tool, the anticipated pressure or sensation, putting me at ease. Then Dr Kim immediately followed up and addressed my concerns. I will be back in 6 months for my next cleaning .

Paul A. - Yelp

I am terrified to go see the dentist so I was very pleasantly surprised when I met Dr Shin Kim. He is zoo gentle and understanding about my issue. Now I do not dread to get my teeth done, thanks to him :)

Eva B. - ZocDoc

Arlington to Bethesda is a distance to travel (in just under an hour). But I would travel twice the distance or time tto be sure to get the highest quality dental care I have had in my life.

Robert S. - ZocDoc

As a military spouse, I've seen a number of different practices over the years and this place is the best by far. The office itself is very modern and comforting and the entire staff is extremely welcoming and friendly. My wife, a dental hygienist, was impressed (and probably weirded out) as I raved about how impressed I was by Dr. Kim and his staff.

Allen M. - Yelp

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